Most companies are broken. Build yours strong.

We teach you smart thinking and doing, with as little nonsense as possible.

Courses and projects designed by experts with years of experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes.

Stripped back to the core. No business school jargon. No consultants mumbo jumbo.

dream hackers

Bring that idea to life.
Move from concept to launching a new company in 12 weeks with this online course.

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comedy for companies

Nail your communication skills with this awesome 1 day course.
Delivered in partnership with stand-up comedian Willy K.

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founders retreat

Get your mojo back by getting out of the office and talking about the stuff that matters. Clarity, vision, and creativity.

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design doing (& thinking)

Learn how to design things for your customers based on real needs. Then adapt the process to make it your own.

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the no bullshit 'MBA'

Make your company stronger. New ways of thinking and doing based on in-depth knowledge without the buzzwords.

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product sprint

Make an idea real in a few days. Research, prototype and test new ideas for your company to find out if they are any good.

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"You people are in the business of transforming lives and you are doing great."
- Prady Roy, Director of Engineering, Oberthur Technologies

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Most of us live in Europe. But we all work on the internet.
We deliver courses all over the world with our awesome network of partners.

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