Exploring our ‘Why’

Context: After almost two years of flux.amJim and I are doing some brand spring cleaning by clarifying what we do, how and why we do it. We’re proud of the work we’ve done and want to do it justice, hopefully attracting more of the good stuff. Here are some rambles I jotted today trying to figure out why we do what we do. Jim said I should publish them on medium. Here they are. 

I love that feeling at the end of a workshop. Everything’s different.

A couple of days ago, when people came in, they kept checking their phones.
They were rushy, the conversation was stiffled, like they weren’t there really.
Their bodies were. You could see in their eyes their minds weren’t.
They were caught up in the day to day and couldn’t see what was important.
The answers were often obvious but they couldn’t see them.
The main thing is how they clearly weren’t themselves. A shell of themselves.
It’s sad really.
Put it this way: 2 days ago I wouldn’t have gone for a pint with these people.

Today’s different.
We just wrapped things up and it feels great.
A lot more laughter. A lot lighter.
There’s a lot less BS.
In fact things are way more real. It’s actually deeper.
People who didn’t speak, now speak.
The millions of emails and meetings now feel futile faced with what matters.
There’s some energy around making good stuff again.

People seem grateful, fulfilled, energised, creative and just more sound.
Somebody said to the group: “I was about to quit, but now I’m back in”
Somebody else said: “This was life changing”
Another said: “I realise I work with great people who can do awesome stuff.”

I love that feeling at the end of a workshop.
People feel good. I feel good.
They’re gonna make better work.
They’re going to have a way better time doing it.
It seems the two go hand in hand.
Good vibes. Good work.

The definition of the word ‘profit’ is that there has been a ‘benefit’.
Basically that things are better than they were.
That we got more out than we put in. That it’s been beneficial.
Maybe that’s how work should be on a human level. Profitable.
When people get more out than they put in, so do companies.

Anyway. We’re all off for a pint.
See you later.

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