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to help you start a new company
and build it strong.

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Everything you need to go from idea to launch

Packed with fresh insights and theories to upgrade your brain

Loads of practical tools and exercises to work smart and launch fast

Regular video webinars with business coaches to keep you on track

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Who are you guys?
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"You people are in the business of transforming lives and you are doing great."
- Prady Roy, Director of Engineering at Oberthur, Happy Flux Customer

What will you get out of the course?

Get a starting point in each of these areas.

Making Money

Refine your revenue model and learn essential financial tools

Smart Marketing

Develop a marketing strategy with the right ways to get customers

Product Development

Build and test your products and services to make sure they're right

Business Philosophies

Get the latest ideas and book summaries on how to do good business

Planning with Agility

Figure out how to stay on course in a rapidly changing world

Understanding People

Learn how to engage and delight customers so they keep coming back.

Who are you guys?

Meet your tutors

photo of jon barnes
Jon Barnes

I want to show people there’s another way that is simpler & better for all.

I’ve been lucky enough to lecture on world renowned Executive MBA programmes and advise CEOs of billion dollar companies and this is my take out: there is a lot of nonsense and very little wisdom.

I want people around the world to have access to the basic wisdom necessary to run small, strong companies according to a more modern business philosophy.

Jim Ralley

No boss. No suit. No rules. No commute.

10 years ago I started my first business. It changed the course of my life. Since then I've worked with 100s of companies and 1,000s of people to help them do things differently.

I've developed business courses for Google, Pearson (the world's largest education company), and Hyper Island (the 'Harvard' of digital).

Now I want to democratise that knowledge and share it with as many people as possible.

Stop dreaming. It’s time to turn that idea into reality.

It’s easy to have ideas. But much harder to bring them to life and turn them into real companies. The Dream Hackers online course accelerates your entrepreneurial journey.

We’ve worked 100s of the world’s largest and most innovative companies to help them do things differently.

This course takes the best theories, tools, and practices from the worlds of design, startups, innovation, and business consulting.

We’ve stripped away the jargon and packaged it up to help you turn your dream into a reality.

  • Step-by-step learning process
  • You set your own pace
  • 35+ practical exercises
  • Inspiring videos and articles
  • Mobile & tablet access on the go
  • Jargon & nonsense